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Azimut is Italy's leading independent asset manager.


Press Release

1H 2018 Net Inflows: € 2.4 billion
June 2018 Net Inflows ca. € 241 million

Azimut rafforza la sua gamma prodotti con il lancio di un fondo chiuso di private debt destinato alla clientela privata

May 2018 Net Inflows ca. € 1.1 billion

Timone Fiduciaria

Azimut Holding, through Azimut Capital Management SGR S.p.A., completes the acquisition of the investment management business’ going concern of Sofia SGR

Azimut Holding: minutes of the Shareholders’ meeting held on 24 April 2018 now available

Our Philosophy

Azimut is committed to its independence — an independence won and defended with determination. We are independent of banking, insurance and industrial groups. We are proud to be the largest independent asset manager in Italy, in a position to offer effective asset management services and solutions based on specific, non-generalist expertise. Where our know-how does not reach, we forge distribution agreements with only the best industry operators in Italy and around the world. Our excellence knows no bounds.

Work with us

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