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Azimut Group believes in the primary importance of stakeholder engagement, a commitment we take seriously with all the public and private, Italian and foreign people and entities who have dealings with the Group or the companies that belong to it. Discover Azimut’s system of governance, based on a Code of Ethics and related corporate documentation.

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Articles of Association
Articles of Association of Azimut Holding S.p.A.
pdf 10,692 Kb
Code of Ethics
Organisational, Management and Internal Control Framework (as per Italian Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001)
pdf 157 Kb
Corporate Governance Report
Azimut Holding S.p.A. – Corporate Governance and Ownership Report
pdf 1,518 Kb
Related-Party Transactions
Procedure for Related-Party Transactions (Resolution 17221 of 12 March 2010)
pdf 978 Kb
Attachment 4 - Companies controlled by Azimut Holding SpA or the associate (30/06/2018)
pdf 513 Kb
Notice as per Article 84-bis of CONSOB Resolution 11971/99
Disclosure of financial instruments assigned to corporate officers, employees or contractors
pdf 92 Kb
Remuneration Policy - Azimut Capital Management SGR
pdf 197 Kb
Press Release

Azimut Holding: 9M 2018 Results

October 2018 Net Inflows ca. € 287 million

Il Gruppo Azimut si rafforza sul segmento degli investimenti alternativi e lancia la nuova fase di Azimut Libera Impresa SGR

Azimut Global Advisory lancia un nuovo modello di servizio di consulenza

Azimut’s Australian subsidiary, AZ Next Generation Advisory, acquires McKinley Plowman reaching A$7.4bn (€ 4.6bn) in total AUM

Azimut Global Advisory si rafforza con l’ingresso di Massimo Giacomelli

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