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AZ Life
About us
Established in 2003, the company is authorised to provide life insurance in Ireland (authorised on 13/01/2014 by the Central Bank of Ireland) and in Italy (authorised on 11/03/2014 by IVASS).
AZ Life is made up of experienced professionals dedicated to pursuing the best interests of clients, with maximum focus placed on duty of care within the framework of the values and expertise of Azimut Group.
AZ Life offers unit-linked insurance plans. Premiums paid by clients are invested through internal funds in underlying assets (primarily mutual investment funds), whose value provides the basis for the return payable to the client in the event of withdrawal.
If the insured person dies, the value of the policy is increased by a variable percentage, linked to the product and the age of the insured, and paid to the designated beneficiaries of the policy.
AZ Life offers a wide range of products to suit every need. Under its standard unit-linked policies, premiums paid are invested in mutual investment funds through internal funds, whereas with private, personalised policies, premiums are managed and invested, through a dedicated internal fund, in other instruments, such as equities and bonds, meeting the necessary requirements of liquidity and reliability, rather than in cash or mutual funds.
Davide Cesaro
General Manager

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