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About Us

Here at Azimut, we have always strived to satisfy our customers to the full, offering investment solutions that best meet their needs. This has been possible thanks to the excellence achieved by Azimut consultants in various sectors of finance.

Our international network spans the world, with Azimut present in Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Monaco, Switzerland, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Chile, USA, Australia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. The efficiency of our services is underpinned by several Group companies, including three asset management companies and an insurance undertaking.

Asset Management: AZ Fund Management SA, which manages our Luxembourg umbrella fund; Azimut Capital Management Sgr, which manages Italian funds, Italian funds of funds, the Azimut pension fund, and Italian hedge funds; Futurimpresa Sgr, specialised in private equity.

AZ Life Dac is a specialist insurance company registered in Ireland.

Azimut is committed to its independence — an independence won and defended with determination.

We are independent of banking, insurance and industrial groups.

We are proud to be the largest independent asset manager in Italy, in a position to offer effective asset management services and solutions based on specific, non-generalist expertise. Where our know-how does not reach, we forge distribution agreements with only the best industry operators in Italy and around the world. Our excellence knows no bounds.

Without our values, we would not be who we are — the largest independent financial player on the Italian market, listed on the Milan stock exchange. This is what distinguishes us from the rest:

INDEPENDENCE: fundamental in the provision of tailor-made investment solutions. We respond to the needs of our clients, not external variables.

PARTNERSHIP: our interests have always coincided with the satisfaction of our clients. We draw on various sectors to make sure that happens.

SIMPLICITY: we leave creative finance and exotic products to the others. All too often, fancy words are a smokescreen for incompetence.

STABILITY: our management, financial partners and portfolio managers boast the lowest client turnover in the entire sector. We seek to earn our clients’ trust and confidence by guaranteeing our constant presence, which is fundamental.

ON THE BALL: we are always up to date and ready to guarantee the best investment solutions identified given the current context. In finance, it is essential to keep up with the times.

GROWTH: we are a touchstone of reference for financial partners, private bankers, and expert portfolio managers. But most of all, for our clients, who believe in us and in our plans.


Know-how, experience and unconditional values — this is our Group.

We like to think of ourselves as different from the others, and that is quite simply because we are different. Our business model aligns the interests of the portfolio managers, financial partners, employees and management personnel who together drive the company in their capacity as shareholders. Because this is our strength — we are our own shareholders.

A shareholders’ agreement (covering around 21% of the share capital) binds over 1,900 shareholders in a voting bloc, including employees, financial partners, portfolio managers and management. The remaining free float capital is held by individual shareholders and mostly international institutional investors (mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies) who believe in Azimut stock, as they are convinced of the capacity of our management team and the unique strength of our business model.

Another strength lies in the integration of our management and distribution operations. Simplicity and efficiency — that’s the way we like it.

Press Release

Azimut PIR Box: fino a 300.000 euro all’anno di vantaggio fiscale ed esenzione dalla imposta di successione

September 2020 Net Inflows EU 581 million

2020 YtD Net Inflows: € 3.0 billion

Azimut strengthens its presence in the US RIA space by partnering with Genesis Investment Advisors

July 2020 Net Inflows: € 767 million

Azimut Holding: 1H 2020 Results

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