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Azimut Group offers a fully-developed range of solutions for the advanced management of wealth. Azimut Funds, third-party open-end funds, portfolio management, retirement planning, and financial insurance investments are among the products featured in the rich offering of Azimut Group.

Azimut also manages a wide range of banking services through its strategic partnerships with select banks, while agreements with carefully selected trust companies enable the Group to offer personalised, made-to-measure solutions. Our advanced advisory service assists clients in their specific needs, with a view to maximising performance using risk-managed investment strategies.
Wealth Management is the division dedicated to managing large portfolios of assets, focused on three different client profiles: Individuals, Families, and Businesses.

Azimut Wealth Management grounds its excellence in the innovative service model of the Industrial Multi-Family Office, backed by an advanced personalised analysis system (Business Analysis Service, MiniSAI, Generational Analysis Service, Portfolio Analysis Service, Entrepreneurial Family Analysis Service, and the Real Estate Analysis Service) involving detailed reporting and the support of a dedicated team of specialists.

The Group boastsover 15 years’ experience in dealings with institutional clients. Banks, insurance companies, banking foundations, superannuation funds, pension funds, and large organizations and corporations all enjoy the success of working with Azimut and its business model.

Services dedicated to institutional clients include both branded and white-label ranges, with special emphasis placed on personalised assistance and support through regular reports, dossiers and account statements.

Press Release

Azimut Libera Impresa SGR rafforza il suo sostegno alle PMI italiane e sigla un accordo vincolante per l’acquisto di una quota di maggioranza di Cieffe Derma

2021 YtD Net Inflows: € 14.3 billion

Armònia SGR e Azimut Libera Impresa SGR acquisiscono il Gruppo Induplast, leader nazionale nel settore del packaging per l’industria cosmetica ed il beauty care

Azimut Libera Impresa SGR e Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano annunciano di aver siglato un accordo vincolante per l’acquisto di una quota di maggioranza del gruppo Albert

July 2021 Net Inflows: € 1.6 billion

Azimut Holding: 1H 2021 Results

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