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Katarsis Capital Advisors
About us

The mission of Katarsis Capital Advisors SA is the study, research and analysis of financial markets, companies and financial products worldwide with a view to developing investment strategies and advising institutional investors only.

Katarsis provides value added services, in particular in relation to the analysis of investment risks in funds and accessory services, such as the production of financial data and economic aggregates. Under its by-laws, the company may purchase, mortgage, manage, administer, and sell real estate, invest in companies and ventures, including financial and investment undertakings, and hold equity interests in corporations. The company is authorised to engage in any activity relating to the company’s objects.

Annamaria Piscione
Director, Katarsis Capital Advisors
Luca Latini
Isacco Loconte
Daniele Negri
Dario Pennacchietti
Federica Ria
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