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Mas Fondos
About us
MÁS Fondos was founded in 2002 as the first independent company to distribute mutual investment funds in Mexico. Thanks to the widest and most comprehensive open architecture platform on the market, it provides over 160 funds managed by 12 major financial institutions, selected through a proprietary analysis system (ARYES*), a leader in the Mexican market.

Following the entry of the Azimut Group as majority shareholder, the company has implemented a project aimed at distribution growth through the recruitment of financial advisors and the consolidation of the brand. In addition, 2016 saw the conclusion of the process for the transformation of the company from a pure distributor to a management company that now operates both through the distribution of third-party products and by managing and distributing its own products focused on government, corporate, multi-manager and equity fixed income.

Drawing on the experience of the Azimut Group, MásFondos will also focus on the launch of innovative products for the Mexican market capable of covering the entire risk-return scenario by providing an advisory and asset allocation service to the customer.

*Análisis de Riesgos y Evaluación de Sociedades de inversión
Stefano Del Papa
Country Manager
Maria Grazia Sonzogni
Country Manager