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Cat Bond Fund Plus (Dis)


Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Singapore

Indice di rischio


Dati Generali

Valuta di base Euro
Categoria Flexible bond funds
Inizio commercializzazione 10/4/11
Classi di quote DISTRIBUTION
Ultima quotazione 4.958
Variazione % -0.201%

Obiettivo della gestione

With a view to medium/long-term enhancement of its assets, the sub-fund aims to achieve and maintain an efficient risk/return profile. The sub-fund enables access to an exclusive asset class (the Cat Bonds), generally accessible by institutional investors only.

Politica di investimento

The sub-fund invests mainly in instruments of the insurance and finance sector, including but not limited to the following: - shares, bonds or other debt or equity instruments issued in anywhere in the world by insurance companies and financial institutions - Cat Bonds: these mainly comprise floating rate securities whose performance is linked to the occurrence of a natural catastrophes or catastrophes caused, even indirectly, by man. Investments in this class are not subject to any geographical limitation. However, the Company places greater focus on American and European finance companies and institutes.

Documenti periodici

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